The Peoples Art of Portland — Opening Reception

December 18th * 6 PM – 10 PM * Pioneer Place Mall * 700 SW 5th Ave

The Settlement Galleries (3rd Floor) – Suite 4005

The Settlement, which is a partnership of 4 galleries in the top floor of Pioneer Mall was a gift provided by Bob Buchanan, the senior general manager of the company that manages Pioneer Place. The 4 galleries include People’s, Place, Store, and Trade. People’s, which was once a toy store, is a gallery will hundreds of artists from Portland. Place is a gallery showing installations, commentary, and spatial art. Store, operated by PNCA, showcases installation works by the BFA students of Victor Maldonado’s Art, Ethics, and Transgression class. And Trade, features “local institutions that fill a creative and experimental niche.”

The featured artists this month at People’s include EMEK, Joel Barber, and Dan Ness. Also there will be work from many other artists including myself. There will be refreshments provided by Ninkasi Brewing and probably a lot of people to mingle with.



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OCTOber Show

I’ve been away for awhile. Not just away from this blog, but away from home. I packed up the car and went on a week long road trip last week. I saw some Nevada desert. It was a long drive. I’m back now and working on tons of drawings for a few upcoming shows. Before my vacation, I finished work for the I Am, Therefore I Think show. Now, I’m half way done with the OCTOber show.

The OCTOber show, cleverly scheduled in October, will be held at the Benjamin Benjamin gallery, located on NW Lovejoy. The show features 14 artists creating pieces of art featuring one subject: octopuses.

I’m tempted to post some photos of what I’ve got done so far, but I want you to see the show, so I’ll wait ’til after October 7th.