Multiversity Comics Review: Gumballs #1

In other news…

Vince Ostrowski at Multiversity Comics kindly reviewed my new comic book, Gumballs (Issue #1).

He writes: “We can’t talk about “Gumballs” without first talking about Erin Nations, a tremendously talented artist whose greatest talent is perhaps his ability to document and present his innermost self and the challenges of life in a matter-of-fact way that inspires both empathy and interest.”


(You can also read the review here.)




Original Plumbing Magazine released their Winter 2016 issue, Beyond Bathrooms last month.

With discussions around the challenges, laws and activism that go hand in hand with public restroom drama some trans people face daily, we also focus on self-care and love in what sometimes feels like a less-than-friendly time to be trans in the world. Trans activists, artists, students and humans share their stories in OP’s 18th issue.

I had the pleasure of contributing a short comic to the issue. Get yourself a copy here!



I understand everyone is feelin’ pretty bummed this week. I am too. If you need an escape and if you need to take your mind off current events, stop by EUZINE Fest tomorrow (in Eugene). Promoting products feels unsettling to me right now, so no pressure to purchase anything from me. Just stop in and kick it with a friendly group of zinesters and art makers. In my experience, zine communities are always safe and welcoming environments. They’re also the only places I’ve ever seen gender neutral bathrooms! Make friends, read zines, have a good time, y’all! I’ll be a table 19.