VISION QUEST 7 Release Party + Art Exhibit


The 7th issue of Vision Quest, Portland Oregon’s FREE comic newspaper, arrives this March! Vision Quest is a collaborative effort, published and distributed by local comix writers and artists. We are excited to host a release party and art exhibit to celebrate the latest issue. Featuring artwork by Sophie Franz, Josh Simmons, Lark Pien, Alex Chiu, Jason Sturgill, Erin Nations and many many more!

Tim Goodyear (Teenage Dinosaur / Video Tonfa), one of the publishers and contributors elaborated on the inspiration behind it saying “Vision Quest is a boiler plate we got from The Intruder up in Seattle. I have been bummed on the commercial structure of comics for a long time and have tried many times to get comics to folks with out all the barriers that are in place. Ian Sundahl asked me how The Intruder paper was structured and I told him what Max Clotfelter had told me. He asked if I’d want to do that here, I said I wasn’t sure. 6 or 8 months later he asked me again and I said yes. It’s been great. I love it.”

“Money is gross,” Goodyear says. “Money is a terrible obstacle for the growth of comics. People think they like comics but most don’t really know—finding, choosing and paying for them is not something I see much. Mini comics have such small quantities that few people ever get to see them. How can an artist get seen and find the audience who will love them?” The solution? Vision Quest. “It’s free so we don’t need to be present and their curiosity is the only cost,” Goodyear says, speaking of the paper’s various drop-off locations, scouted by the artists and publishers.

WHO: Tim Goodyear, Ian Sundahl, and a host of local artists
WHAT: Vision Quest 7 release party
WHEN: Thursday, March 2, 6-9pm
WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.




Hey everyone, I’ll be attending the Queers & Comics Conference in April, which will be held in San Francisco.

Queers & Comics Conference 2017 features two days of discussion panels, workshops, readings, and comics galore hosted at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. This year we will spotlight international and emerging LGBTQ cartoonists, the history and artistry of queer manga, the role of the San Francisco Bay Area, and the future of queer comics.

The biennial conference format allows participants an opportunity to document the history and significance of LGBTQ comics, discuss the craft of cartooning, and promote queer creators in the comics industry in an intellectual and academic context. Queer cartoonists will be immersed in a unique environment to learn from each other and to inspire exciting future work through a series of workshops, panels, and spotlighted guest speakers.

There is still limited space available! If interested, learn more about Queers & Comics HERE and pay to register HERE.

Hope to see you there!