The Sou’Wester Lodge is located in Seaview, Washington on the Long Beach Peninsula. It’s about 15 miles north of Astoria, Oregon. While guests can book a room in the main lodge or dwell in a cabin, the most alluring place to stay is in one of the vintage trailers and airstreams.


Last week I had the pleasure of staying at the Sou’Wester. During my residency, I resided in a vintage trailer for five days and worked on issue four of my comic book series, Gumballs.


Calm and quiet are the best words to describe my time there. It was very peaceful. For the most part, the only sounds I heard came from the podcasts I listened to, the birds chirping outside my window, vinyl records spinning, and two days of solid rain. Overall, it gave me a distraction-free place to work.


Every day I woke up at 5 AM, made coffee, and began working. By 10 PM, I’d put my pen down, and go to bed.


To break up the monotony and avoid cabin fever, I made a couple trips into Long Beach and walked on the beach.


By the end of my visit, I felt a sense of achievement. I was pleased with my output.


You can read more about my time at the Sou’wester in Gumballs, Issue 4 (Release Date TBA)


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