It’s Been Awhile…

This is the oldest blog I’ve ever had, yet I seem to update it the least. Sorry about that, y’all. I’ll try to do a better job at being more present on all platforms.

So, here’s what’s been going on since my last update…


In April, Gumballs (Issue #1) was nominated for a Dinky Award in the category for Outstanding Work – Diversity.

The Dinkys are an award ceremony that take place at DINK (The Denver Independent Comic & Art Expo) in Denver, Colorado. They are “committed to recognizing excellence and helping to promote independent comics from a diversified group of submissions.”


I also had the pleasure of attending the biennial Queers & Comics Conference which took place in San Francisco this year.

During the Welcome Address, Jennifer Camper, the creator and director of the conference, posed the question, “What’s with so many queers doing comics?” She went on to say that Queers are doing things in all art forms, but comics are accessible to anyone. You just need a pencil and paper. There are less gatekeepers so we can share them through the internet, we can self publish, and have events like this.

I had the opportunity to attend many panels, browse so many comic books and zines by queer creators, and meet other queer cartoonist/publishers/writers from around the world (even though I was way too shy to interact with any of them.)


For the past 3 years, COMICOSITY has put together a list of 35 indie comic titles that include queer characters or themes. Each title offers significant queer representation that the folks at COMICOSITY recommend you check out. This year, they included 30 more indie comics to wrap up an even 100, and Gumballs was one of the titles listed!

“Transforming his comic strip style to a brand new anthology, cartoonist Erin Nations tells a semi-autobiographical tale of his gender transition, depression, and just general awkward life.”


And today, Vision Quest Issue #8 comes out!

The dudes that put this thing together are throwing a party at Floating World Comics for the release of Issue #8.

If you live in Portland (Oregon), you should stop by and grab a free issue, browse and buy some cool comics at FWC, and chill with chill cartoonists and comic book fans. It’s the perfect way to spend your Tuesday night!

P.S. I have a new comic in this thing too, so check it out!



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