RESIST! is a free 40-page tabloid newspaper of political comics and graphics by mosty female artists. During our open call for submissions, we received over 1,000 images from artists across the country and the world. The printed paper is a distillation of that powerful collective voice and an affirmation of all we stand for: unity, diversity, and creativity.

It is guest-edited by Françoise Mouly, art editor of The New Yorker, and writer Nadja Spiegelman. It is published by Gabe Fowler of Desert Island Bookstore.


RESIST! was printed at 55,000 copies (!!!) The newspaper will be released on January 20th-22nd.  It will be distributed for free during the Inauguration and the Women’s March in Washington DC, as well through networks of regional volunteers in: New York, Texas, California, Des Moines, Portland, and Chicago. We are eagerly seeking volunteers. Please go here to find out more.

In advance of our official release, the newspaper is currently exclusively available at Desert Island Bookstore in Brooklyn.

It is possible to pre-order a supporter’s copy through our website to be shipped directly to your home. Any money raised will be put towards our distribution efforts.

The paper will also be carried at comic book shops and bookstoresthroughout the country.


RESIST! was able to expand beyond Gabe Fowler’s original grant thanks to a generous donation from Mitch Berger and from thousands of supporters who sent in money or pre-ordered copies through our website. All of the time and labor that has gone into creating and distrubuting this project has been and continues to be offered on a volunteer basis. All of the artists have contributed their work without monetary compensation.

You can see selected illustrations published daily on our blog here. We will post a slideshow of the 1,000 images we recieved soon.

For press inquiries, or any other questions, please contact us at:

– Text and Image taken from the Resist! website. Learn more HERE 

For those of you in Portland (Oregon), there will be a RESIST! Distribution Party on Feb 2 at Floating World Comics. Please come out and join and help distribute and donate.


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