Pet Peeve



3 thoughts on “Pet Peeve

  1. So, your peeve is everyone (not including you) capturing her image with digital/wireless devices? I can relate, only because I am a bit of a tech-phobic caveman myself. I aged at that borderline between the older format PC era and the internet era.

    Nice comic panel/s. I’d be tempted to take it a step further and run with more Katniss/Hunger Games comments voiced by the guitarist. Or, have her flinging sonic arrows (like the assassins in Kung Fu Hustle). If those were her actual lyrics….I doubt I’d like the music.

  2. It is a sad symptom of modern life that no one seems to be able to just BE anymore – most people feel it necessary to capture it in some way. It is infuriating. I’m with you.
    Awesome illustrations, btw.

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