Original Plumbing

op_smI drew this because I want to spread the word. Every one needs a family and a community to be apart of and that is what Original Plumbing provides for queers and trans folks. It is also a resource for positive trans visibility.

Rocco and Amos are raising $20,000 to build a better website. They are growing and need to provide something that’s more accessible for their fans and followers.  They’ve almost reached their goal. In 3 days, their funding ends. If they don’t reach their goal, they will not receive any of the money raised. They get $0. If you can reach into your pocket and grab a few bucks, it helps. If you’re rich, maybe you can throw down a little bit more. Help them because they help the queer community with what they do. Also, you get prizes with each donation! That’s fun!

Learn more and/or donate HERE!

Thanks You!



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