Please, Please, Please…



Panel from my latest Tobias comic titled “Unrequited Love”.

The panel was inspired by the scene in Pretty In Pink when Duckie sulks in his room, listening to The Smiths, heartbroken because Andie wants to be with Blane instead of him. We’ve all been there…

Look for this comic in the next issue of Vision Quest (Fall)

Transgender Trailblazers Tee


Hey everyone! I created a tee shirt featuring illustrations of some of the transgender people who are responsible for creating social change and trans awareness.

They were/are advocates, activist, pioneers, community leaders, and historical figures in the transgender community. Through their actions and involvement, they paved the way for many trans people, allowing us to live our lives more openly, safely, and authentically. They’re finally online to buy!

Also, 50% of each sale will be donated to the TransWomen of Color Collective. Please check them out and support them!

And big thanks to my friends at UNANIMOUS for printing these shirts for me.

Illustrated on this shirt are, Sylvia Rivera, Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, Leslie Feinberg, Alexander John Goodrum, Lou Sullivan, Kate Bornstein, Louise Lawrence, Marcelle Cook-Daniels, Reed Erickson, and Marsha P. Johnson.